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Deliver Consistent Value

Deliver Consistent Value

Innovation that Drives the Future of Your Enterprise

The ClearPath Virtual Innovation Workshop increases business value, simplifies implementation, and accelerates your application evolution and digital transformation.

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Maintain operational continuity across the evolution of cloud options

Your ClearPath Forward® environment offers the stability and predictability vital to your business's continuous operation. Change remains a constant, though, and you probably feel pressure to fulfill a cloud-first strategy and adopt the latest technologies the moment they hit the market. But opting for something different—whether it's a new market entrant or an industry off-the-shelf package—means setting yourself up for cycles of constant change.

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Transition ClearPath workloads to the cloud 90x faster than alternative solutions

Accelerate your move to the cloud

Your ClearPath Forward environment is the only one that can provide a constant, predictable foundation for your business in a world of change. With it, you can maintain operational continuity and deliver consistent value even as your business grows and changes to include emerging digital and cloud-based capabilities.

You’ll run your ClearPath applications in a high-performing, enterprise-class operating environment. You’ll integrate new digital services, channels, and technologies to evolve your operations and business processes.
With Unisys, you’ll accelerate your company’s move to the cloud to help you respond to changing demands faster—without disrupting critical business processes and workflows.

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Unisys in action


I am very enthusiastic to take a proven solution, the Unisys MCP software, into the new world of virtual machines and private cloud solutions of ING. This opens the perspective of better managing applications of legacy, while keeping a proven framework for running a bank. As we want to be a great digital bank with personalized service, keeping our system of records in top shape is essential. Equally, moving to new scalable digital private cloud solutions is critical.

Rob Manders

Barksdale federal credit union

Unisys has been our primary IT provider for a couple decades. The availability of ClearPath MCP for an open world gives us the ability to use what we love in a VMware environment.

Jon Dipboye
VP of IT, Barksdale Federal Credit Union

Coopercitrus cooperativa de produtores rurais

For 20+ years, Unisys has helped Coopercitrus serve our members. We rely on Unisys ClearPath Forward systems and services to ensure our network is capable of driving efficiencies in the way we serve farmers throughout Brazil.

Silvio Maestro
Former CIO