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Change Management

An essential component of any successful digital transformation effort is an effective change management program. By taking a proactive and deliberate approach, organizations can streamline the change journey and achieve greater returns on technology investments.


Inspire employees to be advocates of change

Transforming and driving strategic initiatives is crucial to staying relevant and maintaining a competitive edge. With Unisys, your approach to change management can address the human side of technology transformation and employee experience. By working with us, you and your employees can successfully navigate change with the following offerings:
End-to-End Transformation Services

Enable end-to-end transformation at an organizational level

Deploy a multi-phase program to ensure your employees become successful advocates of change.

Before new technology can yield value for your organization, your employees need to feel that the technology adds value to their work. Therefore, ensuring your team members are excited and ready to come along on your transformation journey is paramount to successful adoption.

Our dedicated change management consulting team can make this happen. By building a collaborative relationship with you and working across your organization, we can deploy a multi-phase program to ensure your employees become successful advocates of change. From onboarding to maintaining proficiency, our experts can help strengthen your organization’s culture, productivity, and dedication to enhancing the employee experience.

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Solution highlights

  • Assess your organization’s readiness for change
  • Support onboarding so employees acclimate to the new services, processes and tools more easily
  • Boost and sustain employee skill proficiency
  • Activate a change champion network across all levels of your organization
  • Partner with client and technology team to drive transformative behavior change

Solution benefits

  • Maximize and accelerate your return on investment
  • Ease the impact of change by effectively preparing your employees
  • Ensure sustainability by positioning your workforce for growth and adaptability
  • Enable employee adoption of change through targeted communication, purposeful adjustments, and active participation
Early-Start Consultation

Get an early start to change management

Work together more effectively at a cross-functional level and align processes, culture, metrics and more.

When introducing new programs, processes, or technology, successful companies align people and processes with organizational strategy and technology goals. By preparing in advance for an upcoming change, you can remove future obstacles and adjust processes to facilitate smoother implementation of the change.

With an early-start change management consultation from Unisys, you can identify all the steps your organization can take to prepare for the upcoming change. Our team will identify how you can work together more effectively at a cross-functional level to unite siloed leadership across IT, HR, and learning and align processes, culture, metrics and more.

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Solution highlights

  • Build your vision and strategy before launch, upskill your employees early, and remove behavior change obstacles before a new technology is implemented
  • Handle nuanced and delicate types of communication with confidence and purpose
  • Build your organizational capability to plan, implement, review, adapt, and sustain organizational changes
  • Engage and align your leadership on the change strategy and prepare them to be active and visible throughout the communication of the change program

Solution benefits

  • Deliver a quicker, more efficient, and more effective rollout
  • Understand the impact of change fatigue and adapt your strategy to your organization’s tolerance for change
  • Minimize disruption to the employee experience by integrating change across the organization
  • Keep employees productive and motivated through effective communication
Data-Driven Insights

Take a data-driven approach to change management

Capture and interpret data to ensure new technology is implemented successfully and fosters a positive shift in corporate culture and collaboration.

How can you be sure your change management programs are working? By tracking progress and proficiency from the start. Using software and tools to understand your baseline and then visualize usage and adoption over time helps to ensure your OCM activities are effective. For example, you can track things like change in collaboration behavior, rate of platform adoption and adoption rate by organization. If an OCM activity isn’t working effectively, you can immediately adjust to accelerate employee adoption.

By working with Unisys to establish data-driven OCM, you can optimize your rollouts and ensure your transformation delivers continued value. Our team of experts can help you capture and interpret data to ensure new technology is implemented successfully and fosters a positive shift in corporate culture and collaboration. Together, we can apply our tools and insight to assess your organization’s readiness for change, track and adapt adoption rates, and measure results.

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Solution highlights

  • Shape strategies through reliable data
  • Assess and improve portal and training processes
  • Find and foster technology trailblazers that initiate change
  • Implement and adapt effective internal campaigns that strengthen drive and understanding
  • Use data to drive transformative behavior change

Solution benefits

  • Optimize your investment and reduce rollout time
  • Effectively and efficiently adjust adoption and usage strategies
  • Improve your organization’s agility to change strategies

Enabling a safe, prosperous, secure and healthy Australia

"The Bureau provides an extraordinary array of services that touch the lives of millions of Australians every day. The Unisys solution is secure and scalable and is enabling us to better contribute to our nation’s economic prosperity, public safety and community wellbeing."

- Michael Webb, General Manager Service and Infrastructure, The Bureau of Meteorology

Organizational Change Management

A successful change journey focuses on all employees and stakeholders impacted by change. This ensures maximum efficiency gains with end-to-end business alignment, user acceptance, and adoption in a multi-focused operating model.

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